At Skill Stacker, our vision is to help young children from the ages of 8 and below to establish the foundational skills they'll need in preparation of the classroom. After all, learning doesn't begin at school. It begins at home. That's why our resources are designed to help parents successfully engage in interacting with their children to develop abilities and foster lifelong learning skills.

Many of these skills begin developing in the first three years of a child's life; therefore, it is crucial that parents or caregivers take time to interact and engage by playing with books, listening to stories, singing nursery rhymes, recognizing words and scribbling. These are the essential building blocks for literacy and language development.

Not every child learns the same, and that's why we're excited to provide a variety of products, tools, and resources that accommodate families, communities, and lifestyles everywhere. We are excited to partner with individuals and businesses working to create their own products to boost early education.

What is Skill Stacker?

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Skill Stacker

Skill Stacker was founded to offer products, tools, and resources to help parents actively engage with their children to build foundational and lifelong learning skills.

We believe that the most critical age to learn takes place in early childhood, a time where kids “learn to learn.“ By investing in early education, children are then better prepared, have a better start, and get ahead.

The company was started by three sisters, two of whom are mothers. They saw a need in their communities' schools and families: students' were lacking foundational learning skills. Without the development of these skills, many students were falling behind and unable to catch up in school. We believe that every child's potential is there, but it takes the active involvement of parents and the correct resources to unlock that child's abilities.